What are the laminate trends for 2024?

laminate flooring trends of 2024

Laminate flooring has long been favored for its affordability, durability, and versatility in design. As we step into 2024, the world of laminate flooring continues to evolve, with new trends emerging to meet the changing tastes and preferences of homeowners and designers. From innovative technology to stylish aesthetics, this comprehensive guide explores the top laminate flooring trends of 2024, providing insights into the latest developments shaping the industry.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Materials

    • Sustainability is a driving force behind laminate flooring trends in 2024, with consumers placing increasing importance on environmentally friendly options.
    • Manufacturers are adopting eco-friendly materials such as recycled wood fibers, renewable resources, and low-emission adhesives to create more sustainable laminate flooring products.
    • Certifications such as FloorScore and GREENGUARD ensure that laminate flooring meets strict environmental standards, providing peace of mind to environmentally conscious consumers.

Authentic Wood and Stone Replicas

    • Advances in printing technology have led to more realistic wood and stone replicas in laminate flooring, mimicking the natural grains, textures, and variations of genuine materials.
    • Embossed-in-register (EIR) textures add depth and dimension to laminate planks, replicating the look and feel of hardwood or stone flooring with remarkable accuracy.
    • Trendy wood species such as oak, hickory, and walnut remain popular choices, while stone-inspired designs offer the elegance of marble, slate, and travertine without the maintenance requirements.

Wide Planks and Longer Lengths

    • Wide plank laminate flooring continues to gain popularity in 2024, creating a sense of spaciousness and modernity in residential and commercial spaces.
    • Longer plank lengths contribute to a more cohesive and streamlined look, minimizing the appearance of seams and enhancing the visual continuity of the flooring.
    • Wide plank laminate is particularly well-suited for open floor plans and large rooms, where it can showcase the natural beauty of the wood grain or stone pattern to full effect.

Water-Resistant and Waterproof Laminate

    • Water-resistant and waterproof laminate flooring options have become increasingly prevalent in 2024, offering enhanced protection against moisture damage and spills.
    • Advanced waterproofing technologies such as hydrophobic coatings and tight-locking joint systems prevent water infiltration, making laminate flooring suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, and other high-moisture areas.
    • Waterproof laminate provides the look of hardwood or stone flooring without maintenance concerns, making it an ideal choice for busy households and commercial spaces.

Matte Finishes and Low-Gloss Surfaces

    • Matte finishes and low-gloss surfaces are gaining traction in 2024, offering a more understated and contemporary aesthetic compared to traditional high-gloss laminate.
    • Matte laminate flooring enhances the natural beauty of wood and stone designs, showcasing their texture and character without the distracting glare of reflective surfaces.
    • Low-gloss finishes are also more forgiving in terms of concealing scratches, scuffs, and dust, making them a practical choice for high-traffic areas and homes with pets or children.

Mixed Materials and Design Versatility

    • Laminate flooring in 2024 embraces versatility and creativity, allowing homeowners and designers to mix and match different materials, colors, and patterns to achieve unique looks.
    • Contrasting borders, decorative insets, and custom patterns add visual interest and personalization to laminate floors, transforming them into focal points of interior design.
    • Hybrid designs that combine laminate with other materials such as luxury vinyl, cork, or ceramic create innovative flooring solutions that cater to diverse aesthetic preferences and functional requirements.


The laminate flooring trends of 2024 reflect a blend of style, innovation, and sustainability, catering to the evolving needs and desires of consumers. From eco-friendly materials to realistic wood and stone replicas, laminate flooring offers a wide range of options for creating beautiful and durable interiors. Whether you prefer wide plank designs, waterproof technology, or matte finishes, there’s a laminate flooring trend to suit every taste and lifestyle. Embrace the trends of 2024 and discover the endless possibilities of laminate flooring in transforming your space into a stylish and functional environment.

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